• Alistair


After redesigning the website this week I noticed something. I go to hundreds of events each year in various places, all of them very grand in their own ways, yet I very rarely take a single picture or record a single memory of my own career. Sports commentary (particularly equestrian) is a very sparse field, there are very few people that do it, but it is a world packed with drama, action and tension (not to mention the characters you meet along the way). This blog is an effort to capture what the life of a commentator/presenter is like from the relatively early days of my career. At the very least I'll wind up with some fun stories to enjoy in my later life. Alternatively, if the entire literary works of mankind were to be simultaneously destroyed, someone might make them in to a book at some stage.

For obvious reasons any characters that appear in the following stories will be given new names (sometimes for their protection, more often for mine).

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