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Equestrian Sports Services


 Our team has been involved in Equestrian Sport our whole lives. It's beyond a job to us, it's the world we live in. When we started the company over 10 years ago, we did so with one vision in mind, to Elevate Equestrian Events! We offer a huge variety of services to help us achieve this goal with you! 

Mizon Events’ solutions don’t come out of a box ready to plug and play. We pride ourselves on treating each client as an individual, quickly identifying the opportunities and challenges presented by each project and using each events unique features for maximum benefit.

We have been in the equestrian events field for over a decade and have performed almost every role within an event team. Beyond that, our management have been involved with horses their entire lives. We know the landscape, we know your market, and we understand your industry.

Our team draw upon years of experience in a wide variety of fields to achieve one very simple goal, to elevate your event.

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